Ep 9: Nupur Dave, NRI Coach and Ex-Googler

Moving back to India as an NRI, DOs and DONTs, Evolving Landscape, and more

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In this information-packed episode, Nupur Dave talks about her own journey and decision to move back to India after 13 years in the US despite possessing a green card. She provides advice for others thinking about the same. When it's a good idea, and when it's not. Various factors that impact the decision and more!


Nupur's Articles:


00:00 Intro

01:29 Nupur's background

06:49 Mental health issues

08:56 Who wants to move back to India

13:13 What are the challenges that immigrants face

22:23 Current landscape of startups, tech sector and Infrastructure

25:06 Deciding a city to move to

27:09 When shouldn't you move

29:22 Will going back solve for loneliness?

32:52 Nupur's books

33:58 Q&A

35:50 Advice on keeping in touch with US

37:11 Advice to people who are stuck in green card backlog

39:50 Options for H-4 visa holders have

43:50 Education situation in India compared to US

45:53 Retiring early in India

48:29 Does children's grade level impact decision?

52:37 Average salary for someone with 15 years of experience and does international experience have value

55:12 Getting in touch with Nupur

56:44 Wrapup