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  • Ep 10: Sandeep Nair, President and CEO, Metquay

Ep 10: Sandeep Nair, President and CEO, Metquay

Starting a company in US as an immigrant and creating impact, surprises, struggles, finding your first customers, and bootstrapping

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In this episode, Sandeep Nair, President and CEO of Metquay, takes us through his journey as an immigrant who moved to the US to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and started a bootstrapped venture against all odds. His story is evidence that it is possible to succeed in the US no matter what and that the business environment is welcoming to all.


Metquay Website: https://www.metquay.com/


00:00 Introduction

01:23 Background and Story

06:02 Starting Metquay

07:23 What is Metquay?

10:22 Transitioning from India to US

12:41 Starting A Company in US

18:36 Advice About Starting a Company in US

20:11 Problems Faced

26:38 Status of Metquay

28:47 Finding The First Customers

31:20 Metquay's Customer Base

32:13 Bootstrapping vs Raising VC Capital

34:07 Advice When Starting a startup

37:13 Contacting Sandeep Nair

38:59 Wrapup